Allergies in Dogs

It is thought that one in five dogs suffer from severe allergies that make their life miserable. Not only is the constant itching and scratching bothersome to us, but it can be very stressful and annoying to the pets as well. Not only that, but it is also common for a pet to scratch himself so hard that they open a wound or contract an infection.

Common Allergies

The most common allergy is fleas. It doesn’t take a swarm of fleas to cause intense itching in your pet. The itching can lead to the wearing down of their incisors.

Atopy is an allergy from inhaled pollens and dust. A dog suffering from atopy may have runny eyes and an itchy nose and ears. They might also lick their feet constantly. This allergy is usually seasonal, but can also affect your dog year-round over time.

Food allergies are another common allergy that many people overlook because they haven’t made any recent changes in their dog’s diet. However, to check to see if they are being affected by the same food they have been eating for months or years, you should feed him something he hasn’t had before for 8 to 12 weeks. This can be a home-made diet or a prescription hypoallergenic food.


Dogs with a food allergy usually have itchy feet and ears, while atopic dogs may also show signs of conjunctivitis and sneezing. Flea allergy sufferers have a fairly typical distribution of skin inflammation; you’ll see hair loss and trauma to their lower back, hind legs and tail. These are the symptoms that your veterinarian will look for.

Managing Allergies

Unfortunately, completely curing your dog’s allergy is not likely, however, you can help manage your dog’s allergies by using many different treatments. Medications, such as an antihistamine, will reduce skin inflammation. Antibiotics are used when the dog has broken the skin, and there is a risk of infection. Fatty acid supplements not only improve the health of the skin, but they also have a natural anti-inflammatory in them. Oatmeal based shampoo & conditioners can help sooth the skin while keeping the coat soft and clean.