Join us for a fun Summer League of Dock Diving at Central Forida Dog Sports-DeLand. The cost to join is $75 for one dog and $60 for each additional dog in the same family. League fee includes an awesome T-shirt, league trophy and Championships.

Each Splash ( excluding Champioships) is $10, the best of two jumps is your score. 3 splashes will be offerred each league day. League trophies will be awared by points at 10 points per splash: 120 points for the League trophy.

Championships will be top five in each division ( same as UAD dividions) with the top 3 getting placement awards.

League is capped at 40 total dogs.

All League days start at 9am for warm ups and 10 am first splash, subsequent splashes will follow after a 30 warm up period if needed.

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